Parenting Tip: Work Together as a Team

It’s Difficult Given how hard it is, is it really THAT important that you agree? The Problems Disagreements can cause conflict between parents and confusion in children. They also give kids an opportunity to play parents off one another. This further inflames the situation and often results in inconsistent parenting policies. The Tip If you find yourself having major differences of opinion with the people who are involved in raising your children, then the following tip will be useful. In important matters, find ways to work together as a team. Here are some guidelines for creating a good parenting partnership: Set aside a regular time to talk about your goals, any concerns you have, and any new approaches you would like to try. Remember to use healthy communication skills – listen respectfully and express your views without blaming or criticizing the other person. Aim to agree on the bigger issues that reflect basic values, such as your general approach to discipline, your vie..
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