Boarding School

Troubled teens who are out of control can greatly benefit from a therapeutic boarding school. Parents of these troubled teens may feel desperate or out of hope to find the right option to help their troubled teen. SRS Education can be the option you are looking for. Our ranch management model is highly effective in giving troubled teens the experiential therapy they need. Call us today at 435-558-0209.

Therapeutic boarding schools are long term treatment options that usually deal with troubled teens with behavioral problems.

These are things like bipolar disorder, school problems, eating disorders, online addiction, self harm, and other problems. They typically provide an educational aspect for troubled teens to help them get back on track academically.

SRS Education is a therapeutic experience that stands out from typical boarding school experiences. While we offer full curriculum to help troubled teens get back to where they need to be schoolwise, Storm Ridge Ranch is a fully working ranch that the students take direct part in. Every student is expected to do their part in the ranch’s upkeep, all the while learning valuable skills to assure success in life. We offer activities like fishing and horseback riding, and vocational training to build work ethic and integrity in each and every troubled teen. Due to our small size, our facilities provide personal support for each troubled teen.

SRS Education can offer powerful experiential therapy for your troubled teen. If our program seems like the right option to you, don’t hesitate. Call us at 435-558-0209.

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