Automotive Vocational Program

At Storm Ridge Ranch we help troubled teens that have drug or substance addictions, behavioral issues, emotional issues, or school problems with our residential treatment center. However, not only do we provide experiential therapy and traditional therapy, we offer an automotive program for vocational training. Teens, boys and girls, have weekly classes in the automotive program, teens learn to repair and replace parts in vehicles. This provides teens with the ability to not only have vocational training but learn life skills as well. If you are a parent of a teen that is struggling and needs help getting on the right path call us today at 435-558-0209

Often times automotive programs offer many combinations of hands on experience and classroom learning. Teens have both classroom time and a lot of hands on experience, this gives teens, boys and girls, a great motivation and challenge. Automotive courses can help teens develop math and communication skills as well. We encourage teens to participate in all activities that we can provide for them.

At Storm Ridge Ranch teens receive training in repair and maintenance of vehicles. A qualified staff teaches our students the ability to diagnose the source of a problem accurately and time efficiently. Students learn to repair or replace worn parts before they cause breakdowns that could damage critical components of the vehicle. The increasing sophistication of automotive technology requires workers who can use computerized shop equipment and work with electronic components while maintaining their skills with traditional hand tools.

Storm Ridge Ranch has separate classes for teens, boys and girls, which encourages friendly challenges. Not only are teens learning but they are having fun while doing it, and it has been proven when teens are having fun while learning they retain more. If you are the parent of a teen that is struggling and may find the help they need from Storm Ridge Ranch, a residential treatment center, call us today at 435-558-0209.