About SRS Education

SRS Education is a working ranch started in 1986 to help young men and women ages 12-18 years of age who are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. SRS is licensed by the State of Utah as a Residential Treatment Center. We are fully accredited by Cognia Global Commission. We are now California CPS licensed.

SRS has two facitities, one for boys and a separate program for girls.  The boys is located in Marysvale, Utah, and the girls in Monroe, Utah. SRS is not a co-ed facility.  Girls and boys are housed in separate dorms, at separate campuses, that are 30 miles apart.

The SRS students attend school onsite, participate in the Ranch Management progam, and attend group therapy and individual therapy.  Moreover, the students learn very important basic life skills by doing things like chores, laundry, cooking the meals, and participation in healthy activies such as hiking and fishing.  Our students live on a authentic cattle ranch and have the opportunity to work with the ranch hands on an everyday basis.

Overview of Academics at SRS

Academics at SRS is an extremely important aspect and one of the main focuses of our overall program. SRS is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. We have three full time teachers, and a teacher certified in special education. SRS understands that teenagers who are struggling use anger and defiance to cover up their struggles in school and in life. We have paraprofessionals (tutors) in the classroom that are trained to support the educational component and ensure academic success. One-on-one tutoring is also available for students that need grade repair and credit recovery.

Brief Student Profile – A Typical Student of SRS

SRS works with boys and girls struggling with issues such as; ADD, ADHD, ODD, declining grades in school, disrespect, refusing to follow rules, defiance, anger, stress, poor peer relationships, abandonment issues, emotional issues, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, acting.  Their small student population gives us the ability to give more one-on-one attention to students than most residential treatment centers.

Essentially, our students are good kids from good families who struggle in the classroom and in life.  We specialize in the arena of emotional growth.  Most of our students are making poor life choices with a very low emotional intelligence, meaning that they make all of their life choices based on how they feel, not on their knowledge base of right and wrong.

Treating Each Student as a Unique Person with Special Qualities and Gifts

SRS is a small program which gives us the ability to provide individualized and customized attention to each student.  We believe that not all students are the same, and they have different struggles and issues.  At the very least they respond to adversity in ways that are unique to them.  Therefore, we do an amazing job of creating an individualized treatment plan that is suited to your child’s individual issues.  The maximum capacity for the girls program is 24 and the maximum capacity for the boys program is 40.

SRS provides a therapeutic treatment program which includes a psychological assessment; individual therapy provided by an licensed mental health professionals, group therapy sessions 2 times per day, Ranch Management, and an in-depth mentoring program (life coaching).  The strength of the mentoring program is phenomenal as it is integrated into the “ranch operation”.  Through working on the ranch there is a great deal of one-on-one work that is done with each student.

The Heart of our Program is Our Exceptional Staff

The staff and students work side by side, building strong relationships, which allow the professional staff to really pour into the students’ lives. Our staff-to-student ratio is 1 staff to 4 students. SRS provides a secure environment and the students are always with staff. There are three shifts of staff per day, so there is 24 hour supervision of all students at all times.  The night staff are awake staff responsible to monitor the students throughout the entire night.

Important Factors of Our Program

Minimum Enrollment term is  6 months.  After 6 months, enrollment is determined by the progress that the student makes in their program and their treatment plan.  Typical enrollment is 9 to 12 months.  As we tailor the treatment plan for each student the actual length of stay is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the best interest of the child with an emphasis on success after the program.

Transporting your child – We prefer that parents bring their child to the ranch for enrollment.  It is a great opportunity for our staff to meet the parents and give them a tour of the ranch.  Its a great opportunity for the parents meet the staff and students.  However, if parents feel that they cannot transport their child safely, we encourage parents to act in the best interest of the child and family and use a professional transporting agency to safely transport the student to the school. Please talk to our admissions director for your transportation needs.