Jan 11, Hear Gwen discuss baby signing on NPR radio

The Parenting Science News Feed The Parenting Science news feed alerts you to updates on the Parenting Science website and to new blog posts or articles written by Gwen Dewar about parenting and child development topics. If you’d like to subscribe to the Parenting Science news feed, RIGHT-click on the RSS button (the last black button listed under the heading "Follow Us" to the right of this text) and paste the URL into your RSS reader. Alternatively, if you have a social media account, you can follow this site by clicking on one of the Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest buttons. Don't see anything new? Click your browser's refresh button to check for recent updates. Jan 08, 2019 Can babies sign before they can speak? Can babies sign before they can speak? To date, studies have failed to find compelling evidence in favor of the idea. And there's reason for doubt: Research confirms that babies start practicing spoken language at an early age. Continue reading "Ca..
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