Jan 1, How to start babies on solid food: An evidence-based guide

How to start babies on solid food: an evidence-based guide © 2019 Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., all rights reserved Introducing solid foods to your baby is a messy, amusing, and sometimes frustrating business. How do you start? The first thing to understand is the goal. You aren't trying to replace your baby's breast milk or formula intake with solid food. That's because solid foods don't provide the complete nutrition that young infants need. If young babies reduce their breast milk intake, and replace it with cereal or other baby foods, they are at risk for poor nutrition (Sen et al 2017). So when you introduce solids to your baby, you are entering a transitional period. Your baby will still rely on breast milk or formula for the bulk of his or her nutritional needs. But your baby will be learning about solid foods -- learning how to eat, and how to accept new flavors and textures. And this understanding can keep you from becoming overly frustrated. Your baby doesn&#03..
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